LPN to RN Online

August 25th, 2011
LPN to RN online study can be done very easily. There are several options and many institutes that provide this study online. LPN to RN online schools charge less money for degrees, often as much as half of the regular classroom cost. Most of the programs allow the students to study entirely in their own home or work place. The people who take on LPN to RN online course, study on their time and make the best way for working professionals. 

LPN to RN online options

There are several options for LPN to RN online degrees. The most quickly offered program is an associate in nursing. Before moving any further, its important to understand the meaning of LPN and RN. LPN is an abbreviated form of Licensed Practical Nurse and RN refers to Registered Nurse. Becoming an associate nurse is the minimum education needed to become a registered nurse. An LPN to RN online nursing degree is a program that facilitates the licensed practical nurse transition to become a registered nurse. These fabulous programs are designed to build upon existing knowledge and expertise in nursing to provide new tools to students which will ultimately help them in their nursing career. Individuals who have had success in LPN jobs, may have an easier time finding a well paying RN job after completing LPN to RN online program from an accredited institution.

LPN to RN online programs

LPN to RN online The foremost important thing to be eligible for LPN to RN online program is that the individual should be a licensed practical nurse in order to gain admission. The most popular degree for transitioning from LPN to RN is an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) and a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN). There are plenty other course one can enroll into, to increase knowledge and put themselves in position to assume leadership roles with their respective health care organization. In fact course work for some of these best LPN to RN programs can be completed online, that is there is a wonderful opportunity for LPN to RN online programs. LPN to RN online program is perfect those individuals who want to take their knowledge and career to a next level. This program takes one to two years to complete, but can be completed in lesser time depending on the transfers credits available.

Average salary for LPN to RN online program

Average salary for individuals who have completed LPN to RN online program is always rising. Health care is that field which has never been affected by economic conditions. The reason being, population is increasing and so are the health problems. So the manpower in medical field has to increase in order to provide helping hands and care for every one. Salaries of individuals completing LPN to RN online program depends upon the experience gained, the education level of the nurse, the location of work and the health care organization. For RN’s, income generally range between $46,000 to $68,000 per year. However there are plenty of nurses who earn $75,000 annually who have done LPN to RN online course and have advanced experience and expertise.

LPN to RN Programs

August 22nd, 2011

LPN to RN programs In today’s competitive world, a candidate has to be very focused and determined, if aspires to achieve LPN to RN programs degree. But before starting with this discussion, it is important to completely understand what is LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse. LPNs are those personnel who complete their 4 year nursing study and training and practice in many medical institutions. These institutions include hospitals, physician’s office, medical research labs, clinics, etc. The LPNs mainly work in people oriented field, either as an assistant to a doctor, dentist, or registered nurse. This is the reason that the licensed vocational nurses should be provided with all kind of facilities and valued LPN salary. LPN salary can be approximately in the range of $33,000 to $46,000. This range in salary increases more when they take the course for LPN to RN programs.

Types of LPN to RN programs

There are few degrees that can be achieved in the process of getting LPN to RN programs. For achieving LPN certificate, the candidate has to learn vocational nursing skills. The student has to spend one to 2 years in classroom teaching and 2 years in a practical or vocational nursing school program. ASN or Associate Degree of Science in nursing or Registered Nurse (RN) is a further road to the path of LVN to RN degree. A registered nurse must complete two years of advanced nursing training. To earn an ASN degree, the candidate has to pass the NCLEX- RN exam to obtain a nursing permit. LPN to RN programs can be found online or on campus at community, nursing or technical colleges. LPN to RN programs or LVN to BSN bridge program offers students the chance to accelerate their education by skipping over nursing subjects the students are already trained in.

Requirements for LPN to RN programs

The basic step in LPN to RN programs is to get an Associate degree which requires completing 60 to 80 credit hours in nursing program. If you have already completed your LVN, there are LVN to RN bridges program that allow you to skip the subjects that you have already learned. It is important to graduate from an approved nursing program and pass a national licensing examination to become a RN. Apart from doing LPN to RN programs in traditional class room manner, you can always choose an online program. The student should always choose the school with good professional, nationally recognized accreditations. The schools post accreditation information on their websites. But can also be checked through The Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, to see if the school is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education or not. The student should also evaluate each school’s tuition cost, scholarship, grant offerings as well as career placement help after you graduate, completing LPN to RN programs.

Schools offering LPN to RN programs

There are many schools offering online and on- campus LPN to RN programs. The online LPN to RN programs offering schools are Chamberlain College of Nursing, The College Network, Excelsior College, etc. The on- campus schools offering LPN to RN programs are San Joaquin Valley College, Azusa Pacific University, Chabot College, etc.


LPN Salary

August 25th, 2011


LPN salary

LPN salary is the most important part of a licensed practical nurse. It acts a motivation and compensation in the process of taking care and helping p
atients. Before discussing about LPN salary is important to understand what the roles and responsibilities are of a licensed practical nurse. The LPNs mainly work in people oriented field, either as an assistant to a doctor, dentist, or registered nurse. They also work as one- on- one to help the elderly or the disabled in their daily task. Licensed practical nurses do very noble jobs. This is the reason that the licensed practical nurses should be provided with all kind of facilities and valued salary. LPN salary can be approximately in the range of $33,000 to $46,000.

Factors affecting LPN salary

There are multiple factors that affect the amount of LPN salary a licensed practical nurse will receive. The factors affecting salary includes location, education, experience and place of employment. While the median annual LPN salary is approximately $39,000 to $54,000 per annum, there are a number of positions that that an individual can assume while earning a salary under this position. the factors include employment services, nursing care facilities, home health care services, general medical and surgical hospitals and office of physicians. Since these professionals work almost 40 hour a week, the top ten percentile make around $25 an hour as their LPN salary.

Location and education affects LPN salary

Location largely affects the amount of LPN salary. It has been seen that the cost of living differs dramatically across the country so does the salary received by licensed practical nurse. Metropolitan areas generally offer huge amount of LPN salary but it should be kept in mind that the living expenses will be high as well. If the LPN salary in Connecticut is $52,000 approximately and if the salary of licensed practical nurse in Oklahoma is $32,000 approximately, so who is earning more? To become a licensed practical nurse, the candidate has to complete training through a licensed college or technical school and get a license from state in order to start the practice. So some employers give a lot of stress on the quality of education received, that is, bachelors or master’s, etc. It is the best to earn good amount of LPN salary in the pressure of today’s expensive world.

Place employment and experience in LPN salary

As all careers, in the field of medical science too, experience affects LPN salary amount immensely. The longer you work as licensed practical nurse, more will be the salary. Licensed practical nurse gain $53,000 or more as their LPN salary when they have worked for several years. The place of employment also affects the salary amount a LPN gets. As an LPN, they have the opportunity to work in hospitals, clinics, psychiatrics’ hospitals and clinics, specialists offices, dentist offices, employment services, at home care services and retirement homes. As the places of work differ, so does the LPN salary. A licensed practical nurse can earn $42,000 working through at-home care services, whereas, LPN salary at physicians office can be $36,000 per annum.